Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Budget Update (a.k.a To Err is Human)

Yeah, that title should give you a hint of how the budget project is going. First, the good, then, the bad.

Good - I have been keeping all my receipts to track our spending.
Bad - They are all sitting in a purse, not making much of a difference since they aren't being put                       into our budget spreadsheet.
Good - I have been able to reduce and cancel some expenses to lower our bills.
Bad - I am still not able to cancel one particularly pricey subscription and we are still uncomfortably               tight on money after bills are paid.
Good - We were doing great with curbing our extra spending when we realized how many little things               we buy.
Bad - That lasted for about a week and now, I'm pretty sure we are being as careless and mindless as               before.
Good - (Because there is no way I'm going to end this on a bad note.) I am still determined to master                 this part of our life. I will be going through the last couple weeks of spending tracking and                     renew my efforts.

So, that is our progress in a nutshell. On a more positive note, I will be posting about my latest paint project...finishing the last paint touches on the kitchen walls and trim.

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