Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Talking Trash Today

I have a dirty secret...under my kitchen sink.
It's gross, embarrassing, stinky.
Brace yourself.
It's where I keep my trash can.
I admit that I haven't cleaned this out much at all since moving in a couple of years ago. And it's been made worse by a few under-sink leaks that are now remedied. But you know what you get when you mix trash and water?  A sticky, stained, warped mess.
I had to tackle it so I wouldn't have to cringe and hold my nose every time I opened it to throw something away.
First, hot water and a scrub brush. I scrubbed and wiped the bottom, sides, doors, and top until all the ickiness was gone. But, I was still left with some stains, the warping, and now some spots where the paint was rubbed off.
Second, drying as much as possible.
Third, pulling out some spare stick-on vinyl tiles that were left by the previous owners in the basement. I eye-balled it on measurements by laying out the whole tiles first, then marking on the others with a pencil where to cut for notches and measurement.
In the end, not perfect, but a far sight better than what it was. I will likely reinforce the tiles with hot glue for now. I plan to later tear out the bottom and replace it completely. But, for now, it will Simply Do.

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